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The priority of Şirinler Fabrics in production is quality and speed. For this reason, its employees are qualified personnel who can use the latest system machines. In order to increase productivity in the company, lean production is carried out by using the available resources at the optimum level and shortening the processes.

All manufacturing fabrics are produced by being subjected to laboratory tests prescribed by international inspection companies. In the same way, ready-made garments go through laboratory tests with their final form to reach the user. It is important that there are no chemicals that can harm human health and nature.

Qualified and Environmentally Friendly

Our products are produced with the most up-to-date technology by going through nature-friendly production processes.


Şirinler Fabrics entered the textile industry in 1999 as a family business under the leadership of BAHATTİN KAÇMAZ.

Our company, which has been increasing its activities in the textile sector every day since its establishment, completed its corporate transformation as SIRINLER KUMAS VE TEKSTİL SANAYİ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ in 2018.

Current Technology, Current Trends

We customize all materials for you.

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